“Neil tells me he is not sure if he is an artist. I am sure he is. He spends long periods of time hunched over his drawing desk looking moody. He often jumps out in front of me, camera in hand, hoping to capture a “moment in time” when I have neither brushed my hair nor wiped the toast crumbs from my face.

He either does anything and everything to avoid drawing or has to be dragged away from his desk by his ankles in order to sleep.

Neil uses pastels to portray emotions.

Whilst he may not be sure he is an artist, he is sure he was born in 1970 and lives in Hampshire, England. He has a daughter, two step-sons and a wonderful wife.”
Kirsti Pretty (wife)

“I like the eye but the nose is wonky. What’s for dinner?”
Daisy Pretty (daughter)

My influences include Nick Cave, Bobby Gillespie, Jim and William Reid, Rachel Goswell, Neil Halstead, Kevin Shields, Jason Pierce etc.
Neil Pretty

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